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Chevron Partners is a company that has a proven dedication to sincere and genuine preservation of historical properties by bringing out their beauty in combination with appropriate modernization that is an element that is so special to the City of Boston. All Chevron Partners’ properties are historical properties that are lovingly preserved yet made modern in a way that they are cherished for generations to come by painstakingly ensuring modern conveniences that are essential to property value are properly included within historical envelopes to create a charm that is unmistakably Bostonian.



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256 - 260 Newbury

A Select Shift in Materiality

Our design proposal aims to respect the architectural heritage of its context, while innovatively meeting the need for accessibility, transparency and contiguous presence. In select areas, we propose shifting away from unitized brick and stone elements, and instead replicating those elements in cast glass. Larger, more desirable and efficient floor plate is created by combining three consecutive brownstones. Suppressed front yard improves visibility and sightlines into the retail spaces, while creating an attractive, vibrant space for outdoor seating. The entry sequence to the ground level retail is greatly enhanced, and a new lift is provided for barrier free access.


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These images (apart from the photographies in "Our Portfolio") are artist renderings of a possible or desired design only, and to not represent what will or may actually be constructed. The facade design is subject to approvals by municipal authorities. The owner reserves the right to make changes to the design proposal.